Deluge bittorrent plugin to pause all torrents if too much data is transferred.
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Deluge Traffic Limits

TrafficLimits is a plugin for the Deluge bittorrent client. It will pause all torrents if more than a set amount of data is uploaded or downloaded.

TrafficLimits can be found at

Downloads can be found at

Questions may be asked on the Deluge forum.


As well as setting the limits through the preferences (GTK UI only, for now), you can also create a file called ~/.config/deluge/trafficlimits containing a label, the upload limit, the download limit, and the combined limit (in bytes), each on a line by themselves. For example:


This is intended to be used by a cron job for automatic scheduling, e.g.,

* 00-15,21-23 * * * /bin/echo -e "Unlimited\n-1\n-1\n-1"             > ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits.tmp && mv ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits.tmp ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits
* 16-20       * * * /bin/echo -e "Evening\n400000000\n750000000\n-1" > ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits.tmp && mv ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits.tmp ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-~/.config}/deluge/trafficlimits

See also:

Please see also the Toggle plugin. You will need this to resume transfers once they have been paused, unless you use the automatic scheduling..