Real Time OS for MTE241
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RTX Project

Group members:

  • Christopher Wu
  • Maverick Lee
  • Wien Leung
  • Hassaan Aamir

The directories contain each module which is built from a top level makefile (or just the module by their own repsective module folder).

Kern is the main kernel and the rest are processes or utility libraries

Libraries are built into lib Executibles are built into bin

Run 'make' to compile the RTX. Then 'cd' into 'bin' and run './kern'.
NOTE: You must run from inside the bin directory or the keyboard and crt helper processes will not start, and don't type the quotes!

DISCLAIMER: This is for our own group's project. We do not allow direct copying of our source code or any violations of Policy 71. Therefore please don't plagerize if you're taking a UW OS course.