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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<description>Track current version of these definitions (can be used by checking value of AUTOQUAD_MAVLINK_DEFS_VERSION_ENUM_END). Append a new entry for each published change.</description>
<entry name="AQ_MAVLINK_DEFS_VERSION_1"/>
<description>Available operating modes/statuses for AutoQuad flight controller.
Bitmask up to 32 bits. Low side bits for base modes, high side for
additional active features/modifiers/constraints.</description>
<entry value="0" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_INIT">
<description>System is initializing</description>
<!-- active modes -->
<entry value="0x00000001" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_STANDBY">
<description>System is *armed* and standing by, with no throttle input and no autonomous mode</description>
<entry value="0x00000002" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_MANUAL">
<description>Flying (throttle input detected), assumed under manual control unless other mode bits are set</description>
<entry value="0x00000004" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_ALTHOLD">
<description>Altitude hold engaged</description>
<entry value="0x00000008" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_POSHOLD">
<description>Position hold engaged</description>
<entry value="0x00000010" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_GUIDED">
<description>Externally-guided (eg. GCS) navigation mode</description>
<entry value="0x00000020" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_MISSION">
<description>Autonomous mission execution mode</description>
<!-- pre-flight -->
<entry value="0x00000100" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_READY">
<description>Ready but *not armed*</description>
<entry value="0x00000200" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_CALIBRATING">
<description>Calibration mode active</description>
<!-- alerts -->
<entry value="0x00001000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_NO_RC">
<description>No valid control input (eg. no radio link)</description>
<entry value="0x00002000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_FUEL_LOW">
<description>Battery is low (stage 1 warning)</description>
<entry value="0x00004000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_FUEL_CRITICAL">
<description>Battery is depleted (stage 2 warning)</description>
<!-- high side feature/modifier/constraint bits (0x8000 0000 = bit 32) -->
<entry value="0x01000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_DVH">
<description>Dynamic Velocity Hold is active (PH with proportional manual direction override)</description>
<entry value="0x02000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_DAO">
<description>ynamic Altitude Override is active (AH with proportional manual adjustment)</description>
<entry value="0x04000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_CEILING_REACHED">
<description>Craft is at ceiling altitude</description>
<entry value="0x08000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_CEILING">
<description>Ceiling altitude is set</description>
<entry value="0x10000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_HF_DYNAMIC">
<description>Heading-Free dynamic mode active</description>
<entry value="0x20000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_HF_LOCKED">
<description>Heading-Free locked mode active</description>
<entry value="0x40000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_RTH">
<description>Automatic Return to Home is active</description>
<entry value="0x80000000" name="AQ_NAV_STATUS_FAILSAFE">
<description>System is in failsafe recovery mode</description>
<enum name="MAV_CMD">
<entry value="1" name="MAV_CMD_AQ_NAV_LEG_ORBIT">
<description>Orbit a waypoint.</description>
<param index="1">Orbit radius in meters</param>
<param index="2">Loiter time in decimal seconds</param>
<param index="3">Maximum horizontal speed in m/s</param>
<param index="4">Desired yaw angle at waypoint</param>
<param index="5">Latitude</param>
<param index="6">Longitude</param>
<param index="7">Altitude</param>
<entry value="2" name="MAV_CMD_AQ_TELEMETRY">
<description>Start/stop AutoQuad telemetry values stream.</description>
<param index="1">Start or stop (1 or 0)</param>
<param index="2">Stream frequency in us</param>
<param index="3">Dataset ID (refer to aq_mavlink.h::mavlinkCustomDataSets enum in AQ flight controller code)</param>
<param index="4">Empty</param>
<param index="5">Empty</param>
<param index="6">Empty</param>
<param index="7">Empty</param>
<!-- <entry value="3" name="MAV_CMD_AQ_FOLLOW"><description>unused, removed</description></entry> -->
<entry value="4" name="MAV_CMD_AQ_REQUEST_VERSION">
<description>Request AutoQuad firmware version number.</description>
<param index="1">Empty</param>
<param index="2">Empty</param>
<param index="3">Empty</param>
<param index="4">Empty</param>
<param index="5">Empty</param>
<param index="6">Empty</param>
<param index="7">Empty</param>
<!-- extend MAV_DATA_STREAM -->
<enum name="MAV_DATA_STREAM">
<description>Motor/ESC telemetry data.</description>
<message id="150" name="AQ_TELEMETRY_F">
<description>Sends up to 20 raw float values.</description>
<field type="uint16_t" name="Index">Index of message</field>
<field type="float" name="value1">value1</field>
<field type="float" name="value2">value2</field>
<field type="float" name="value3">value3</field>
<field type="float" name="value4">value4</field>
<field type="float" name="value5">value5</field>
<field type="float" name="value6">value6</field>
<field type="float" name="value7">value7</field>
<field type="float" name="value8">value8</field>
<field type="float" name="value9">value9</field>
<field type="float" name="value10">value10</field>
<field type="float" name="value11">value11</field>
<field type="float" name="value12">value12</field>
<field type="float" name="value13">value13</field>
<field type="float" name="value14">value14</field>
<field type="float" name="value15">value15</field>
<field type="float" name="value16">value16</field>
<field type="float" name="value17">value17</field>
<field type="float" name="value18">value18</field>
<field type="float" name="value19">value19</field>
<field type="float" name="value20">value20</field>
<message id="152" name="AQ_ESC_TELEMETRY">
<description>Sends ESC32 telemetry data for up to 4 motors. Multiple messages may be sent in sequence when system has &gt; 4 motors. Data is described as follows:
// unsigned int state : 3;
// unsigned int vin : 12; // x 100
// unsigned int amps : 14; // x 100
// unsigned int rpm : 15;
// unsigned int duty : 8; // x (255/100)
// - Data Version 2 -
// unsigned int errors : 9; // Bad detects error count
// - Data Version 3 -
// unsigned int temp : 9; // (Deg C + 32) * 4
// unsigned int errCode : 3;
<field type="uint32_t" name="time_boot_ms">Timestamp of the component clock since boot time in ms.</field>
<field type="uint8_t" name="seq">Sequence number of message (first set of 4 motors is #1, next 4 is #2, etc).</field>
<field type="uint8_t" name="num_motors">Total number of active ESCs/motors on the system.</field>
<field type="uint8_t" name="num_in_seq">Number of active ESCs in this sequence (1 through this many array members will be populated with data)</field>
<field type="uint8_t[4]" name="escid">ESC/Motor ID</field>
<field type="uint16_t[4]" name="status_age">Age of each ESC telemetry reading in ms compared to boot time. A value of 0xFFFF means timeout/no data.</field>
<field type="uint8_t[4]" name="data_version">Version of data structure (determines contents).</field>
<field type="uint32_t[4]" name="data0">Data bits 1-32 for each ESC.</field>
<field type="uint32_t[4]" name="data1">Data bits 33-64 for each ESC.</field>