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MAVCONN library

It is mavlink connection and communication library used in MAVROS. Since 2014-11-02 it adopted to use outside from ROS environment by splitting to individual package and removing dependencies to rosconsole.

Connection URL

Connection defined by URL. Just pass one of that URL to MAVConnInterface::open_url() and get connection object.

Supported schemas:

  • Serial: /path/to/serial/device[:baudrate]
  • Serial: serial:///path/to/serial/device[:baudrate][?ids=sysid,compid]
  • Serial with hardware flow control: serial-hwfc:///path/to/serial/device[:baudrate][?ids=sysid,compid]
  • UDP: udp://[bind_host][:port]@[remote_host][:port][/?ids=sysid,compid]
  • UDP broadcast until GCS discovery: udp-b://[bind_host][:port]@[:port][/?ids=sysid,compid]
  • UDP broadcast (permanent): `udp-pb://[bind_host][:port]@[:port][/?ids=sysid,compid]
  • TCP client: tcp://[server_host][:port][/?ids=sysid,compid]
  • TCP server: tcp-l://[bind_port][:port][/?ids=sysid,compid]

Note: ids from URL overrides ids given by system_id & component_id parameters.


Same as for mavros:

  • Linux host
  • Boost >= 1.46 (used Boost.ASIO)
  • console-bridge library
  • compiller with C++11 support


Licensed under terms of LGPLv3, BSD, or GPLv3.