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* QGroundControl is licensed according to the terms in the file
* in the root of the source code directory.
// This is an example class header file which is used to describe the QGroundControl
// coding style. In general almost everything in here has some coding style meaning.
// Not all style choices are explained.
#pragma once
#include <QObject>
#include <QMap>
#include <QXmlStreamReader>
#include <QLoggingCategory>
#include <limits.h>
#include "Fact.h"
#include "UASInterface.h"
// Note how the Qt headers, System, headers and the QGroundControl headers above are kept in separate groups
// If you are going to use a logging category for a class it should have the same name as the class
// with a suffix of Log.
/// Here is the class documentation. Class names are PascalCase. If you override any of the Qt base classes to provide
/// generic base implementations for widespread use prefix the class name with QGC. For example:
/// QGCMessageBox - is a QGC special vesion of Qt MessageBox
/// QGCPalette - is a QGC special version of Qt Palette
/// For normal single use classes do no prefix them name with QGC.
class CodingStyle : public QObject
CodingStyle(QObject* parent = NULL);
/// Document public methods which are non-obvious in the header file
bool publicMethod1(void);
/// Document signals which are non-obvious in the header file
void qtSignal(void);
public slots:
// Public slots should only be used if the slot is connected to from another class. Majority of slots
// should be private.
void publicSlot(void);
// Don't use protected methods or variables unless the class is specifically meant to be used as a base class.
int _protectedVariable; ///< variable names are camelCase
void _protectedMethod(void); ///< method names are camelCase
private slots:
void _privateSlot(void);
// Private methods and variable names begin with an "_". Documentation for
// non-obvious private methods goes in the code file, not the header.
void _privateMethod(void);
void _methodWithManyArguments(QWidget* parent, const QString& caption, const QString& dir, Options options1, Options options2, Options options3);
/// Document non-obvious variables in the header file. Long descriptions go here.
int _privateVariable1;
int _privateVariable2; ///< Short descriptions go here
static const int _privateStaticVariable;