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* QGroundControl is licensed according to the terms in the file
* in the root of the source code directory.
import QtQuick 2.5
import QtQuick.Controls 1.3
import QGroundControl 1.0
import QGroundControl.ScreenTools 1.0
import QGroundControl.Controls 1.0
import QGroundControl.Palette 1.0
/// This is an example Qml file which is used to describe the QGroundControl coding style.
/// In general almost everything in here has some coding style meaning including order of
/// code. Not all style choices are explained. If there is any confusison please ask
/// and we'll answer and update style as needed.
Item {
// Property binding to item properties
width: ScreenTools.defaultFontPixelHeight * 10 // No hardcoded sizing. All sizing must be relative to a ScreenTools font size
height: ScreenTools.defaultFontPixelHeight * 20
// Property definitions available to consumers of this Qml Item come first
property int myIntProperty: 10
property real myRealProperty: 20.0
// Property definitions which are internal to the item are prepending with an underscore
// to signal private and come second
readonly property real _rectWidth: ScreenTools.defaultFontPixelWidth * 10 // Use readonly appropriately to increase binding performance
readonly property real _rectHeight: ScreenTools.defaultFontPixelWidth * 10
function myFunction() {
console.log("myFunction was called")
QGCPalette {
id: qgcPal // Not how id does not use an underscore
colorGroupEnabled: enabled
// You should always use the QGC provided variants of base control since they automatically support
// our theming and font support.
QGCButton {
// Also not how there is no id: specified for this control. Only add id: if it is needed.
text: "Button"
onClicked: myFunction()
Rectangle {
width: _rectWidth
height: _rectHeight
color: qgcPal.window // Use QGC palette colors for everything, no hardcoded colors
// For scoped blocks which are long include a comment so you can tell what the brace is matching.
// This is very handy when the top level brace scrolls off the screen. The endbrace comment in this
// specific file is only included as style info. This example code is not long enough to really need it.
} // Item - CodingStyle