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Linux/Mac OS X
To install doxygen: 
$sudo apt-get install doxygen

If the above does not work go to: for the correct download.

Then go to the following website for inforamtion on the install:

Then to generate the html, run the following code while you are in the qgroundcontrol/doc directory:
$doxygen Doxyfile

The html file index.html should be in doc/html unless you chenged the output directory. 

The other option for generating the documentation is to use the wizard:
$doxywizard &

doxywizard information:

Or go to the Doxygen Manual for information at the website noted below.

Go to the following website for the correct download and follow the wizard to install:

Run the wizard to generate the documentation. 
Go to the website below or the Doxygen Manual for information on running doxywizard.

Doxygen Manual

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