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Property Based Testing

This repository has several dependencies managed via Paket. Run restore.bat or before opening the code for best results.

These code examples were created for a talk at SDDConf 2015 if you want to know more about what's going on!

Enterprise.fsx holds some examples around creating XML docs. This is a stand alone F# script file (no associated project or solution) for you to play with in the editor of your choice.

Serialization.fsx contains a few tests from the Chiron Json serialization library, and loads a checkout of a commit of the Chiron code that contained a bug. Again, this is a stand alone script file.

And finally the PhoneNumbers directory contains a Visual Studio solution and some C# code for property testing a class for representing E.164 formatted international phone numbers.

The presentation briefly touched on the property based testing of the Sproc.Lock open source project - that code isn't included here, but is available on github.