Social network that allows you to find people with common interests. Full–stack: Backbone, Node, Mongo, Facebook, AWS, EC2.
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Code repo for our desktop & mobile apps.


A place to experiment with new features, mockups and ideas and showcase them to the rest of the team.


Code repo for the main + mobile website. **(Legacy - to be removed)

Getting the code

git init
git remote add origin
git pull origin master

< do some coding >

git commit -m "my changes"
git push origin master

Git tips

  1. Add all new files to the repo:

     git add .
  2. Add a specific file to the repo (newfile.js in the /web folder):

     git add web/\newfile.js
  3. Delete files from the repo, which have been deleted locally:

     git add . -A 
     git commit -m "removed some files"

    OR (in a single line):

     git commit -am "my changes, including deleted files"

Install required software

  1. NodeJS (v6.11)

     sudo apt-get install g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils
     git clone git://
     cd node
     git checkout v.06.11
     sudo make install
  2. NPM (NodeJS Package Manager)

     git clone
     cd npm
     sudo make install
  3. Express.js

     sudo npm install -g express
  4. MongoDB (v2.0.0)

    Install your distro's package following the guidelines provided here:
  5. Forever (NodeJS server process management)

     sudo npm install forever -g