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Couriergrey is a C++ implementation for greylisting for the Courier mail server.

Distribution archive can be downloaded from here.

The repository of couriergrey is now hosted on GitHub.

Pros for couriergrey

  • Fast and memory saving implementation in C/C++ compiled to native code.
  • Easy to install, no scripting environment required.
  • Support for IPv6.


Version 0.3.2 (2012-04-10)

Support for gcc 4.7. Better error handling when new threads cannot be created. Update in the database dump output.

Version 0.3.1 (2012-01-16)

Support for expiring old entries in the greylisting database. Please read below for information on how this should be set up on your system.

Expiring the database

You should create a cron job that expires your database from time to time.

This cron job should call couriergrey with the arguments -e 365 to expire entries, that are older than one year. Make sure that couriergrey is run as the user, that normally accesses the database. E.g. on a standard Debian system this is the user 'daemon'.

On a Debian system, create the file /etc/cron.weekly/couriergrey with the following content:

#! /bin/bash

su -c "/usr/bin/couriergrey -e 365" daemon