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Android-Apps mit Prüfungsfragen für deutsche Sportbootführerscheine
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sail trainer

These are Android apps for the preparation to different driving licences for German pleasure crafts on water ways. Essentially these are six copies of the same source code, that is able to train the correct responses to multiple choice questions. The user gets asked until he is able to correctly answer the question five consecutive times.

The SKS trainer is a bit different as the exam does require the examinee to answer questions in free text.

This is the source code of the Android application. You can install the applications in compiled form directly from the Google Play Store:

I have published the code on GitHub because some people asked me if they can play with it. (Yes, you can.)

Note on the SBFS trainer

The trainer for SBFS has been moved to its on repository:

Build how-to

These apps are build using Maven. To build them you need the following tools installed:

  • Maven
  • Java JDK
  • Android SDK

Before being able to compile you also will have to generate a key that is used for signing the Android apps. A self-signed key is absolutely suficient for signing on Android. The key is mainly used by the device to check if you are allowed to distribute updates for an application.

How to generate your key is described on

(You only have to follow step one of this description. Signing of the application will be done automatically by Maven.)

After you created your own key, you have to tell Maven where to find it and what you used as the password for it. This is done by adding entries to the Maven configuration typically found in ~/.m2/settings.xml (on Unix systems). This file should contain something like this:

	<androidsign.keypass>password of your key</androidsign.keypass>                
	<androidsign.storepass>password of your keystore</androidsign.storepass>

After all these preparations are done you can change to the folder of the application you want to compile (e.g. "cd SBFB-Trainer"). You start the compilation with the following command:

mvn clean install -Dandroid.release=true

Afterwards you have the compiled app in the target sub-folder as sbfbtrainer-1.5.3-signed-aligned.apk.

This APK is called aligned, but it isn't. Therefore it is a good idea to align it before installing it on your device. This can be done using the zipalign command:

zipalign -v 4 sbfbtrainer-1.5.3-signed-aligned.apk sbfbtrainer.apk

This results in the file sbfbtrainer.apk which now can be distributed.

Matthias Wimmer, 2014-12-31

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