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todo list

  • portfolio - custom post type

  • index.php - blog - posts

  • single.php - blog post

  • single-portfolio.php - portfolio

  • SEO

  • 404.php

  • filtering portfolio posts by categories

  • navigation fixed allways visible

  • thumbnail images in portfolio - resize to right dimension, crop if necessary

  • js script to pass different subheaders in logo

  • article, main-inner, entry-content css is basiacally the same, put every rule to article? only applies to single posts

  • wordpress theme checklist

  • css file structure

  • php files structure

  • vzhurudolu checklist

  • angličtina?

  • thanks, your email was sent successfully - vyskakovaci okno

  • thin through those two headers


  • hover portfolio button, hover form button
  • portfolio button to a tag
  • sand pit position and hover effect
  • parallax in general