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* Improve unicode text edition
- support multi column chars
- right-to-left, bidirectional text
* improve highlighters
- folding support
* markup support in info boxes
* improve insert completion
- Detect when the following text is matching the inserted completion
- Support multiple completion points
* investigate 'kakdiff'
* Tree based undo
* multiple parameters support for normal mode commands ?
- 10,20g -> goto line 10, column 20
- 1,2,3<a-space> remove selections 1, 2 and 3
* Improve self-documenting
- Generate documentation from Kakoune source
. Write asciidoc from internal documentation
. make doc compiles kakoune, and run doc generation:
+./kak -help commands > ../doc/commands.asciidoc+
with README.asciidoc including commands ?
* Comments and strings should be more integrated than just highlighting, matching chars
for example should be strings and comments aware (should they ?)
* change command parsing to be more shell like
(support -option="value with spaces" instead of requiring "-option=value with spaces")