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declare-option -docstring "maximum amount of characters per line, after which a newline character will be inserted" \
int autowrap_column 80
declare-option -docstring %{when enabled, paragraph formatting will reformat the whole paragraph in which characters are being inserted
This can potentially break formatting of documents containing markup (e.g. markdown)} \
bool autowrap_format_paragraph no
declare-option -docstring %{command to which the paragraphs to wrap will be passed
all occurences of '%c' are replaced with `autowrap_column`} \
str autowrap_fmtcmd 'fold -s -w %c'
define-command -hidden autowrap-cursor %{ evaluate-commands -save-regs '/"|^@m' %{
try %{
## if the line isn't too long, do nothing
execute-keys -draft "<a-x><a-k>^[^\n]{%opt{autowrap_column},}[^\n]<ret>"
try %{
reg m "%val{selections_desc}"
## if we're adding characters past the limit, just wrap them around
execute-keys -draft "<a-h><a-k>.{%opt{autowrap_column}}\h*[^\s]*<ret>1s(\h+)[^\h]*\z<ret>c<ret>"
} catch %{
## if we're adding characters in the middle of a sentence, use
## the `fmtcmd` command to wrap the entire paragraph
evaluate-commands %sh{
if [ "${kak_opt_autowrap_format_paragraph}" = true ] \
&& [ -n "${kak_opt_autowrap_fmtcmd}" ]; then
format_cmd=$(printf %s "${kak_opt_autowrap_fmtcmd}" \
| sed "s/%c/${kak_opt_autowrap_column}/g")
printf %s "
evaluate-commands -draft %{
execute-keys '<a-]>p<a-x><a-j>|${format_cmd}<ret>'
try %{ execute-keys s\h+$<ret> d }
select '${kak_main_reg_m}'
} }
define-command autowrap-enable -docstring "Automatically wrap the lines in which characters are inserted" %{
hook -group autowrap window InsertChar [^\n] autowrap-cursor
define-command autowrap-disable -docstring "Disable automatic line wrapping" %{
remove-hooks window autowrap