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AnthonyJacob commented Dec 30, 2016 edited

For example after :doc commands I get a page containing



What is that (I suppose it should be a title tag, but kakoune fails to render it for some reason)? Is that a bug? How do I fix it?

I am Fedora 25 user.

4d47 commented Dec 30, 2016

Note that commenting the export MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING=y line in rc/core/doc.kak seems to fix this.


I am sorry but you must be a bit more explicit. Where is rc folder located?

4d47 commented Dec 30, 2016

Note that commenting this line seems to fix.


Well, I did not build from source. Instead I ran

dnf copr enable jkonecny/kakoune
dnf install kakoune

mawww commented Jan 3, 2017

@lenormf Why do we need that MAN_KEEP_FORMATING env var set ?

lenormf commented Jan 8, 2017

@mawww I think this is a chunk that was mistakenly merged from a WIP of mine that implements the overstrike syntax. This environment variable forces the mandb implementation to keep the \x08 characters in the output even when it is not a terminal. I think it can safely be removed.

@mawww mawww added a commit that closed this issue Jan 15, 2017
@mawww Remove MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING for doc.kak
Fixes #1098
@mawww mawww closed this in c0afbe8 Jan 15, 2017
lenormf commented Jan 15, 2017

I don't think the commit will have an impact on the issue, as the MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING option merely keeps the overstrike sequences in the output (which are then interpreted by the pager to be converted in ansi sequences). It all depends on the implementation of man everyone is running, and we don't know what @AnthonyJacob or @4d47 are using.

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