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4d47 commented Dec 30, 2016

Would be nice to add user defined key mapping to the info boxes / clippy assistant in addition to the default keys. Eg. by adding some user map in kakrc:

map global user q ':write-quit<ret>'

On pressing , the info boxe is empty. It would be nice to have q listed.
Other modes like goto and view list the default keys in there info boxes.

From what I found the maps mode that produces info boxes are: goto, view and user.


There's an info command that creates a custom info box, but you probably want it to be a default?

4d47 commented Dec 30, 2016

Yes I was thinking by default but then I understand it's probably lot's of work for little added benefits.
Also if user mappings are documented in info boxes why not documenting in :doc shortcuts too !

I tried to replace the user mappings info box with my own custom but was not able to work it out.
:map global normal , :info<space>yada<ret>,

danr commented Dec 30, 2016

What happens with that keybinding is that pressing , removes the info box. This is a bit inconsistent as on-key does not remove info boxes.

mawww commented Jan 7, 2017

This is mostly tricky because we dont have much to display for the user key, only the fact that it exists. To make that useful we would probably need a docstring on key mappings.

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