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Welcome to the kakoune wiki!

The wiki is world writable, so do not hesitate to add information you found useful in it. (See revisions history)

It offers extra knowledge complementing common topics covered in the README and in the official kakoune doc. So be sure to read those documents beforehand.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask on:




User Interface

Tips to customize the way kakoune looks in the terminal

Integration with OS and other tools

Supported tools in rc dir

For the meaning the content of the Clients column below, see use kakoune as an IDE

Name Commands Clients Site More info…
comment comment-block, comment-line
clang clang-parse, clang-complete, clang-enable-autocomplete, clang-enable-diagnostics, clang-diagnostics-next clang…
ctags tag, tag-complete, ctags-funcinfo, ctags-enable-autoinfo, ctags-generate, update-tags ctags…
doc doc docsclient
editorconfig editorconfig-load editorconfig…
format format
git git docsclient
go go-complete, go-enable-autocomplete, go-disable-autocomplete, go-doc-info, go-print-signature, go-jump, go-share-selection jumpclient
grep grep, grep-previous-match, grep-next-match jumpclient, toolsclient grep…
iterm iterm-new-vertical, iterm-new-horizontal, iterm-new-tab, iterm-new-window, iterm-focus
jedi jedi-complete, jedi-enable-autocomplete, jedi-disable-autocomplete
lint lint, lint-enable, lint-disable, lint-prev, lint-next lint…
make make, make-prev, make-next jumpclient, toolsclient
man man docsclient
racer racer-complete, racer-enable-autocomplete, racer-disable-autocomplete
ranger ranger ranger…
spell spell, spell-next, spell-replace
tmux tmux-new-vertical, tmux-new-horizontal, tmux-new-window, tmux-focus
tmux-repl tmux-repl-vertical, tmux-repl-horizontal, tmux-repl-window
x11 x11-new, x11-focus
x11-repl x11-repl, x11-send-text
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