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import cmd, sys, requests
class prompter(cmd.Cmd):
def do_getFiles(self, args):
"""[sourceFileName] [outputFileName]: Gets lat and long for a list of addresses using Google's Geocoder API."""
l = args.split()
if len(l) != 2:
print "*** invalid number of arguments (source and dest file names are needed)."
def do_quit(self, args):
"""Quits the program"""
print "Quitting."
raise SystemExit
def getGeoCodings(args):
googleGeoCodingURL = ""
print args[0]
sourceFile = open(args[0], 'r')
destFile = open(args[1], 'w')
destFile.write("LOCATION, LAT, LNG\n")
for line in sourceFile:
print "Getting lat long for " + line
#here's the meat: get JSON object from requests and parse out the lat longs
geoCodingArgs = {'address': line, 'sensor': 'false'}
httpsRequest = requests.get(googleGeoCodingURL, params=geoCodingArgs)
geoCodingJSON = httpsRequest.json()
if geoCodingJSON["status"] == "OK":
for item in geoCodingJSON["results"]:
latLong = item["geometry"]["location"]
destFile.write("\"" + line + "\",%f,%f\n" % (latLong["lat"], latLong["lng"]))
print "Error getting geoCoding for: " + line
#closing all files
if __name__ == '__main__':
prompt = prompter()
prompt.prompt = ": "
prompt.cmdloop('Type getFiles [sourceFileName] and [outputFileName] to get geocodings (Limit of 2500/day per Google\'s API')