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.gitignore Plex Plugin

Provides access to the content available from

Most content is freely available, but some of the content might not be viewable outside of Denmark.


With Git (Recommended): cd ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/ git clone git://

With Zip (Only if Git scares you): Download Unzip content into ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/

Now Plex should see the DRNU plugin.


Based on plugin posted at ( by Plex forum user MTI.


  • Added support for Newest, Most Viewed & Spotlight.
  • Started making better usage of summary/subtitles.


  • Added support for live TV and radio


  • Added Logos for Live TV
  • Added Fanart
  • Bugfix: DR Hit (Obsolete) is now DR R&B


  • If available, the information for now / next will be shown in live radio menu.
  • Currently showing Live TV is shown in Live TV Menu
  • Live Radio moved to music plugins
  • Added background art til Live TV and Live Radio


  • Solved problem with on-demand clips buffering, and clips looking bad
  • Bugfix. Some data did not supply braodcast channel and broadcast time, which prevented the plugin from playing the file
  • Bugfix. Some videos had no bitrate set and provided only mp4 and wmv source. Now choosing highest bitrate and otherwise first mp4 video found.
  • Bugfix. Videos not available from DK now marked with [DK Only] and if no video source found marked with "Not found"
  • Feature. Quality preferenceg "high, medium, low" which will be used to select videos that have multiple bitrates available.
  • Feature. Group per first letter preference. If enabled the program serie menu will be grouped by single letters - most useful when not having a keyboard attached.
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