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Download Ceylon
Emmanuel Bernard


Ceylon M2 "Minitel" is now available for download! This is the first release of the command line tools and IDE.

Command line tools

This package contains the Ceylon command line compiler, documentation compiler, language module, and runtime.

Zip archive All Operating Systems download
RPM Fedora/Red Hat download
DEB Debian/Ubuntu download

Mac OS X users running the Homebrew package manager can install Ceylon:

brew install ceylon

Instructions for getting started are contained in the file in the root directory of the distribution, or right here in GitHub. To know what's precisely in the release, read our announcement.

Ceylon IDE

Ceylon IDE is available from our update site or from Eclipse Marketplace:

Warning: The current version of the Ceylon IDE is M1, but an M2 version will arrive very soon.

Ceylon IDE Eclipse Indigo drag and drop into a running Eclipse workspace

After installing, go to Help > Welcome to Ceylon to get started.

Source code

The source code is available from GitHub.

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