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Download Installation

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Download and installation


All downloads can be found under
You can find latest/recommend build of universal as well as developer versions there. Of course you can compile this mod yourself, if you want to.

The Android app can be found here: The universal app can be found here:

Installation and setup

Requires Minecraft Forge
This mod is installed like any other Forge mod. Just put it into your mods folder.

There are different scenarios which may require additional actions:

Use in singleplayer - Mobile device in same network

You are just fine

Use in singleplayer or multiplayer over Hamachi etc

You should be fine as well

Use on a dedicated server

This mod uses port 25566 (changeable via configs) you have to make sure this port is open. You can test this by starting the server with the mod installed and look for a error ("Address already in use: bind") in the log file or connect to the server and use /getip. If there is a error you have to ask you hoster or do it yourself to open that port.

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