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Minecraft crashes with the mod

Find the Minecraft log file. Send it to me together with a description of what you did.

The MSS app crashes

If you use the Android app send be a report like this. Otherwise describe the problem to me.

App and game do not connect

  1. Check if the /getip command matches the ip you entered in the app.
  2. Check if the /getip result matches the real ip (in local networks find out your internal ip like this , if your server is publicly reachable compare the right ip would be the ip you connect with within Minecraft) If the ip does not match, enter the right IP in the config file and restart the game
  3. If 2. did not fix it, change the value of debug_mode in the config file to true. Restart the game, reproduce the issue and send me the log file as well as the app's log file.

Something does not work

Tell me what exactly does not work and preferably include a log file.

Anything else

Tell me see How To/Contact me

How To

Contact me or send me something

Make a post in the forum ( (preferred) or create a issue on Github. In case you want to communicate with me in German PM me on the Minecraft Forum

For crash-reports or logs please use Pastebin or spoilers

Find the Minecraft log file

If you use the standard Minecraft launcher, the interesting logfile is .minecraft/logs/fml-client-latest.txt. (How to find the .minecraft folder). In case you have a server, the interesting log file should be logs/fml-server-latest.txt. If you use another launcher, it might have a function to easily upload or locate log files.

Find the Android app log file

Just use the "Send feedback" option in the settings. It also sends a copy of the log file. Otherwise you can find the logs on your SD-card under mc-second-screen

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