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JiveJS - Web UI Made Simple

Use standard HTML and CSS practices to create rich UI components without writing a single line of Javascript. Dig deeper and find a rock solid, object oriented UI interface with all the tools you need.

Mean, Lean UI Machine

Weighing in at a mere 19kb, Jive will be one of the smallest dependencies on your page. It is built ontop of the popular JS framework, jQuery.

White Label UI

Unlike other UI libraries like Bootstrap, Jive is a white label UI framework meaning that it has no aesthetic styling. Buttons, menus, and other UI components only have the barebones stylings. The rest of it is up to you. If there's one thing we've learned: designers are pretty picky people so we give them complete creative freedom by having no hand in design choices.

JiveJS was built to make things easy

Developers always need common UI components such tabbed interfaces, overlays, and slideshows. There have been alot of attempts to solve this problem. Everytime we went with one toolkit over another, we always had to hack it to pieces to work within the scope of design or write a lot of javscript hooks to make function. We were sick of it and said: damnit, can't we just write HTML and let JS do the rest?

The Goal: simple to learn but powerful under the hood

Since Jive is essentially a "HTML markup framework for UI component delegation" (oh god), it means that anyone who knows a little HTML can get busy, quick. Dig deeper and you will find a highly organized, object oriented approach to Javascript that makes jQuery plugins look like old punch-card code. While thing is library is built ontop of jQuery, we've taken a different approach towards UI component development.

Go Get Some

Seriously, if you are still here go build something ya dummy!