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Emergency Site Kit

A starter kit for emergency information websites. (WIP) (Demo Site)

In case of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. Existing CMS websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic, and local network infrastructure might be damaged, leaving those affected with poor mobile connections.

This project aims to enable people to quickly publish a simple website that can withstand large amounts of traffic and will work even under extreme conditions. It is built on the rule of least power, using simple technologies for maximum resilience.

For more information about this project, watch the talk at Inclusive Design 24.


  • Static files generated by Eleventy
  • Optimized for first connection roundtrip (> 14KB)
  • Basic styling for accessibility
  • One critical request, inlined CSS
  • Netlify CMS for content editing
  • Offline support with service worker

Getting Started

To publish a website with this template, there are two options, depending on your technical skillset. Choose which one describes you best:

Read the Getting Started Docs


It's possible to customize some parts of the website through environment variables. You can set these up on your local machine in an .env file or define them through the Netlify admin interface.

The available settings are:

META_TITLE the title of your site COVID-19 Information Emergency Site
META_URL the full url of your site N/A
META_DESC a short description of your site Updates on the current state of the pandemic. An emergency information website.
META_LANG the 2-letter language code of your site de en
META_COLOR the primary color hex code (optional) #1D70B8 #DB0000
META_EMAIL your main contact email (optional) N/A
META_TELEPHONE your main contact phone number (optional) +01 23 456 789 00 N/A

One-Click Deployment

The easiest way to go live is by forking this repo and deploying it to Netlify.
You can do that by clicking this button:

Deploy to Netlify

Local Development

To run this locally, you need to install Node first.
You can run these on the command line in the root of your project:

  • npm start: starts development server
  • npm run build: generates a production build
  • npm run debug: runs eleventy with debug output

To customize the site, edit src/data/meta.js with your details, or set the corresponding environment variables. Replace the markdown files in src/posts with your content.


A template for emergency information websites




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