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Personal Website built with Eleventy
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Netlify Status

Source code for, my personal website.

This version is built with Eleventy. If you're looking for the previous Jekyll-based site, that repo has moved to


  • Static Files
  • BEM-flavoured Sass (w/ Embedded Critical CSS)
  • Vanilla JS (ES6 / Babel)
  • System Fonts & FOUT
  • Offline Support w/ Service Worker
  • Support
  • Auto-publish notes on twitter via AWS Lambda Function
  • Focus on Speed and Accessibility


Eleventy is a static site generator based on Javascript, so you will need node and npm/yarn to run it. Inside the project root, run npm install or yarn to install the dependencies.

Getting Started

The local development environment uses gulp to process various stuff for the site. The most important commands can be run as npm scripts:

npm start: make a development build and serve the site through browsersync
npm run build: make a production build
npm run serve: serve the current build dist directory
npm run debug: start Eleventy in debug mode and serve the site
npm run serve:lambda: serve lambda functions with netlify-lambda
npm run build:lambda: compile lambda functions for production

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