Custom Emoji manager command-line for Mattermost 😎
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Custom Emoji manager command-line for Mattermost 😎


  • Create custom Emojis
  • Delete custom Emojis

Coming soon:

  • List custom Emojis
  • Search custom Emojis
  • Export custom Emojis


pip install mmemoji
mmemoji --help

(Requires Python >=3.4)

Usage example

Let's take the Party Parrot Emojis as an example.

  • First, clone the Git repository or retrieve an archive of it:
git clone
  • Then you'll need your Mattermost credentials. You can either pass them to mmemoji with the arguments --url/--login-id/--password or via environment variables, for example:
export MM_URL=''
export MM_LOGIN_ID=''
export MM_PASSWORD='user-1'
  • Finally, run mmemoji to import all the parrots:
mmemoji create --no-clobber {parrots,guests}/hd/*.gif {parrots,guests}/*.gif


  • Here we rely on shell globbing to select all emojis from the directories.
  • Specifying the hd directories first with --no-clobber ensures these emojis are created first and not overwritten by their lower quality counterpart.
  • If you ever want to remove them all, simply run the following:
mmemoji delete --force {parrots,guests}/hd/*.gif {parrots,guests}/*.gif


  • The emoji names are extracted from the filenames the same way they have been during creation.
  • --force is used to ignore the absent low quality duplicates.


  • You can clone this repository and install the project in editable mode:
pip install -e .
  • You'll find a script to create a local Docker test instance under tests/:
  • You can run the test suite with:
python test
  • And last thing, you can install the pre-commit hooks to help with the formatting of your code.
pre-commit install