avoid trigger load_user() for static resource(url) #11

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shoujs commented May 20, 2012

I observed the load_user() method is trigger even when loading a static resource like a css file. I confirmed it after looking into the source code. it all happens in my development environment.
It may be ok in production for we will use a web server to handle the static resources.


maxcountryman commented May 20, 2012


Thanks for pointing this out. Ideally in production static resources wouldn't be loaded via Flask. However as that may not always be the case this is probably worth looking into patching. I'd be happy to accept pull requests for this. :)

Marboni commented Aug 16, 2013


It's useful patch, thanks. However, I don't see it in master. Could you please accept it?


dtheodor commented Sep 17, 2013

It has been reverted at #51

Marboni commented Sep 23, 2013

Thanks for pointing out.


dtheodor commented Sep 23, 2013

Which sucks.


maxcountryman commented Sep 23, 2013

@dtheodor feel free to propose a patch.

So any chance the check-disabling code is back into tree? Just provide a configuration option for those who haven't ever heard of 'frontend server'. Like LOGIN_FORCE_STATIC_PATH_CHECK

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