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The :class:`Client` class is the gateway to your WordPress blog's XML-RPC interface.

Once initialized with your blog URL and user credentials, the client object is ready to execute XML-RPC methods against your WordPress blog using its :meth:`` method.


param url:URL of the blog's XML-RPC endpoint (e.g.,
param username:Username of a valid user account on the WordPress blog
param password:The password for this user account
param blog_id:The blog's ID (note: WordPress ignores this value, but it is retained for backwards compatibility)
param transport:Custom XML-RPC transport implementation. See Python2 or Python3 documentation.
.. method:: call(method)

        :param method: :class:`wordpress_xmlrpc.XmlrpcMethod`-derived class

XML-RPC Method Classes

.. automodule:: wordpress_xmlrpc

        .. autoclass:: XmlrpcMethod()

        .. autoclass:: AnonymousMethod()

        .. autoclass:: AuthenticatedMethod()