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Layer Names

When fetching recipe content, the selected text layers must be named according to the Spoonacular API response fields, case sensitive. Here's a listing of common and not-so-common recipe fields.

Common fields

Layer name Description
title Title of the recipe
instructions Full text of recipe preparation instructions
extendedIngredients Collected list of recipe ingredients
creditText Name of recipe source
sourceUrl URL of recipe source
image URL of image
servings Number of servings
readyInMinutes Time required for recipe

Not-so-common fields

Layer name Description
dishTypes WIP
diets WIP
occasions WIP
vegetarian true/false
vegan true/false
glutenFree true/false
dairyFree true/false
veryHealthy true/false
cheap true/false
veryPopular true/false
sustainable true/false
lowFodmap true/false
ketogenic true/false
whole30 true/false
weightWatcherSmartPoints Weight Watcher points
pricePerServing Usually ridiculously wrong
gaps "yes"/"no"
healthScore 3
id Spoonacular recipe ID
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