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Project-Oneforcing update

GAMECHOMP APP "One Stop Shop for Info Chomps"

GAMECHOMP is a webpage-app designed to conregrate multiple gaming resouces into one page. Optimal viewing is through large screens (desktops) and medium screens (tablets). Mobile is completely functional as well.

The target demographic is broad and the app was created to appeal to both the casual and hardcore gamers. Users are provided with the top eight games based on the combined aggregate metric score of players and critics alike. When the user interacts on the page, by clicking on an image of the top eight, an information box will populate to inform the user of the games' details which include: release date, game synopsis, game rating, user and critc score, etc. It is a condense and comprehensive information guide regarding the respective game selected. In addition, when the user interacts with a game image, gifs (sourced from the GIPHY API) will generate that correlate with the game selected.

Below the generated game information, a top-ten gaming-related article is listed, sourced through the GAMESPOT API. The articles are populated based on trending articles via Gamespot. When the link is pursued, the user will be navigated to the article on Gamespot.

Additionally, a Google search-bar was included for users to use as a short cut for independent searches.


Alex Farris: Lead Back-End Developer & JS Specialist Tyler Winters: Gamespot API- News Scraper Specialist & Gitmaster Dan Grigg: Wireframe and Design Lead Julia Graves: Project Manager and Front End Development Lead

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