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Archetype API

Archetype API


Edit the file to point to your graph.db directory:

private static final String STOREDIR = "your graph.db directory ";
private static final String CONFIG = "your file in conf directory";

Compile it and run it:

mvn clean package
java -jar target/ArchetypeServer-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Go to http://localhost:8079 for administrative interface:

GET     /                                 # Hello World
GET     /v1/hello/{name}                  # Example Path Parameters
GET     /v1/hi?name={name}                # Example Query Parameters
GET     /v1/admin/warmup                  # Warm up database
GET     /v1/admin/wikipedia               # Add url property to Pages
GET     /v1/admin/initialize              # Create Indexes

Go to http://localhost:8080 for API:

GET     /v1/identities/{identity}                   # Get profile of identity
POST    /v1/identities                              # Create identity (takes email/phone+region(opt) as parameters)
POST    /v1/identities/{identity}/likes             # Create a likes relationship between identity and page (param)
GET     /v1/identities/{identity}/likes             # Get likes for identity
POST    /v1/identities/{identity}/hates             # Create a hates relationship between identity and page (param)
GET     /v1/identities/{identity}/hates             # Get hates for identity
POST    /v1/identities/{identity}/knows             # Create a knows relationship between two identities (param)
GET     /v1/identities/{identity}/knows             # Get knows for identity

POST    /v1/pages                                   # Create page (takes title or url) as parameter

POST    /v1/tokens                                  # Create a new potential token (takes e-mail/phone)
GET     /v1/tokens/{signature}                      # Get an identity token given signature


Identity Registration
Wall/Events/Posts (?)