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Neo4j and the Crunchbase API mashup
+Play with the live version at
+See how it was built at
+ git clone
+ cd neo_crunch
+ bundle install
+ rake neo4j:install
+ rake neo4j:start
+ rake neo4j:create (this could take a while)
+ rackup
+To put this on heroku, you can run neo4j:create to get fresh data, and:
cd neo_crunch/neo4j/data/graph.db
zip -r *
- heroku apps:create neocrunch
+or use the existing with data as of November 12th, 2012.
+ heroku apps:create
heroku addons:add neo4j:try
git push heroku master
Then go to your Heroku apps
find your app, and go to your Neo4j add-on.
In the Back-up and Restore section click "choose file",
find the file and click submit.
+Reload your app to see it running.

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