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require 'rubygems'
require 'neography'
@neo =
def create_person(name)
@neo.create_node("name" => name)
def make_mutual_friends(node1, node2)
@neo.create_relationship("friends", node1, node2)
@neo.create_relationship("friends", node2, node1)
def suggestions_for(node)
@neo.traverse(node,"nodes", {"order" => "breadth first",
"uniqueness" => "node global",
"relationships" => {"type"=> "friends", "direction" => "in"},
"return filter" => {
"language" => "javascript",
"body" => "position.length() == 2;"},
"depth" => 2})
johnathan = create_person('Johnathan')
mark = create_person('Mark')
phill = create_person('Phill')
mary = create_person('Mary')
luke = create_person('Luke')
make_mutual_friends(johnathan, mark)
make_mutual_friends(mark, mary)
make_mutual_friends(mark, phill)
make_mutual_friends(phill, mary)
make_mutual_friends(phill, luke)
puts "Johnathan should become friends with #{suggestions_for(johnathan).map{|n| n["data"]["name"]}.join(', ')}"
# Johnathan should become friends with Mary, Phill
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