Phase 2 Node relationships

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To create a relationship between two nodes:

n1 = Neography::Node.create
n2 = Neography::Node.create
new_rel = Neography::Relationship.create(:family, n1, n2)


new_rel.start_node                                                   # Get the start/from node of a relationship
new_rel.end_node                                                     # Get the end/to node of a relationship
new_rel.other_node(n2)                                               # Get the other node of a relationship


Get the attributes of the relationship as an array of symbols.

new_rel.attributes # => [ :attribute1, :attribute2 ]

Retrieval and deletion

existing_rel = Neography::Relationship.load(12)                      # Get an existing relationship by id
existing_rel.del                                                     # Delete a relationship


Neography::Relationship.find(index, key, value)                      # advanced query of the relationship index with the given key/value pair
Neography::Relationship.find(index, query)                           # advanced query of the relationship index with the given query

Creation on nodes

Neography::Relationship.create(:friends, n1, n2)
n1.outgoing(:friends) << n2                                          # Create outgoing relationship
n1.incoming(:friends) << n2                                          # Create incoming relationship
n1.both(:friends) << n2                                              # Create both relationships

Retrieval by direction

n1.outgoing                                                          # Get nodes related by outgoing relationships
n1.incoming                                                          # Get nodes related by incoming relationships
n1.both                                                              # Get nodes related by any relationships

n1.outgoing(:friends)                                                # Get nodes related by outgoing friends relationship
n1.incoming(:friends)                                                # Get nodes related by incoming friends relationship
n1.both(:friends)                                                    # Get nodes related by friends relationship

n1.outgoing(:friends).incoming(:enemies)                             # Get nodes related by one of multiple relationships
n1.outgoing(:friends).depth(2)                                       # Get nodes related by friends and friends of friends
n1.outgoing(:friends).depth(:all)                                    # Get nodes related by friends until the end of the graph
n1.outgoing(:friends).depth(2).include_start_node                    # Get n1 and nodes related by friends and friends of friends

n1.outgoing(:friends).prune("position.endNode().getProperty('name') == 'Tom';")
n1.outgoing(:friends).filter("position.length() == 2;")


n1.rel?(:friends)                                                    # Has a friends relationship
n1.rel?(:outgoing, :friends)                                         # Has outgoing friends relationship
n1.rel?(:friends, :outgoing)                                         # same, just the other way
n1.rel?(:outgoing)                                                   # Has any outgoing relationships
n1.rel?(:both)                                                       # Has any relationships
n1.rel?(:all)                                                        # same as above
n1.rel?                                                              # same as above

Retrieval by type

n1.rels                                                              # Get node relationships
n1.rels(:friends)                                                    # Get friends relationships
n1.rels(:friends).outgoing                                           # Get outgoing friends relationships
n1.rels(:friends).incoming                                           # Get incoming friends relationships
n1.rels(:friends, :work)                                             # Get friends and work relationships
n1.rels(:friends, :work).outgoing                                    # Get outgoing friends and work relationships