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%link(rel="stylesheet" href="/css/global.css")
%script{:src => ""}
%script{:src => ""}
%script{:src => "/js/ui.js"}
%script{:src => "/js/processing.min.js"}
%title Neovigator
%h1 Neovigator
%p Neography Browser
%form{:action => "/", :method => "get"}
%label Node ID:
%input#neoid{:type => "text", :value => "#{@neoid}", :name => "neoid"}
%input#loadnode{:type => "submit", :value => "Load", :class => "button"}
%br{:style => "clear: both;"}
= yield
/ Neovigator introduction
%h2 About
Neovigator is an attempt to visually navigate through
%a{:href => ""} Neo4j
by using the
%a{:href => ""} Neography
It takes advantage of the latest HTML5 features
by using the canvas element for drawing.
%h3 Get started
Start using the browser by just typing in the id of an existing node.
You can see the available nodes at
%a{:href => "http://localhost:7474", :target => "_blank" } http://localhost:7474
, try loading
%a{:href => "/?neoid=1"}
%b Node 1
to get started.
%h3 Quirks
There may be some unexpected behavior. Performance may drop significantly as
the number of nodes increases.
%h3 Credits
This project was made by
%a{:href => ""} Max De Marzi
%a{:href => "", :target => "_blank"} Neo4j
%a{:href => "", :target => "_blank"} Neography
, it is based on
%a{:href => "", :target => "_blank"} Ask Ken
created by
%a{:href => "", :target => "_blank"} Michael Aufreiter
%h3 Code
Available at
%a{:href => "", :target => "_blank"} Github
<div id="browser_not_supported">
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<a href="">Safari 4.0</a><br/>
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