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Welcome to the Ghost OS!

This is the terminal. It allows you to navigate through the filesystem and
execute programs and commands. Typing 'help' will give you the list of built-in
terminal commands.

The '/applications' folder contains some programs to try out.

Fun things to try:
- List PCI devices in your computer using 'pcitool'
- List or kill processes using the 'proc' tool
- Launch the GUI by executing the script: 'launch /system/launch/launch-ui'
- Write some assembly into a file and compile it using 'nasm'
- Use 'read /system/graphics/logo.oem-us' to print the logo

Tip: The ramdisk filesystem is writable. To write stuff into a file,
pipe it into the 'write' program.
'echo Hello! | write test.txt'

Have fun! :-)