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Shoes Tutorial Note

- For the Shoes App Rookie Creators -

Dec. 8th, 2008 by ashbb (Satoshi Asakawa)

Table of contents

  1. 00100 Introduction
  2. 00200 Download Shoes
  3. 00300 First step
  4. Birds-eye view (Survey basic features)
  5. Tips for creating our original Shoes apps
  6. Hot Topics in the Shoes ML and
  7. Assignment
  8. 00800 Relevant web sites (Links)
  9. 00900 Appendix
  10. 01000 Acknowledgment
  11. 01100 Trivia (sample91.rb, sample92.rb, sample93.rb)

Change log:

Dec 08th, 2008: Added sample 54 and chapter 00533. Refactored mkmdown.rb
Dec 07th, 2008: Deleted patches and patch.rb
Dec 06th, 2008: Reviewed shoes -p with Shoes 2 (Raisins, 0.r1134)
Dec 06th, 2008: Replace image files for Shoes-0.r1123. Edited sample 42. Updated mkpdf.rb to the latest version. Added the link to RecentBuild page.
Dec 03rd, 2008: Added sample 53 and chapter 00532.
Dec 01st, 2008: Added '\' in front of '_' for githb spec change or bug.
Nov 29th, 2008: Modified file name '_' to '-' for github spec change or bug. Added assignment 3.
Nov 24th, 2008: Added a new tool, patch.rb, which replace image-file-path-on-github. This is a temporary patch. Because I'm not sure about a github spec change or a bug.
Nov 23th, 2008: Improved mkmdown.rb to add sample program names in the table of contents. Added a new tool, mkpdf.rb.
Nov 22th, 2008: Added a new chapter 00531. Added a link to the Shoes adventurer's list into chapter 00900.
Nov 20th, 2008: Added sample 49 into chapter 00508 and sample 50 into chapter 00513.
Nov 18th, 2008: Excuted all samples with Shoes-0.r1091 and updated some .png files and edited some .mdown files.
Nov 17th, 2008: Added a new tool, mkbightml.rb, which make one big html file included whole contents of Shoes Tutorial Note. Now, just a trial revision.
Nov 16th, 2008: Merge a 'browser' feature (side list of contents) provided by George.
Nov 15th, 2008: Added four tips into chapter 00300. Improved mkmdown.rb and mkhtml.rb to treat .jpg files and to treat page-links. Added more explanation into chapter 00504
Nov 14th, 2008: Fixed a bug in mkhtml.rb. Added a note into chapter 00528 and 00530 about BlueCloth's and Code Highlighter's bug.
Nov 13th, 2008: Added a new sample 48 into chapter 00530.
Nov 08th, 2008: Added Code Highlighter for html files.
Nov 07th, 2008: Added a new sample 47.
Nov 02st, 2008: Totally corrected English. Added acknowledgments, sample 46. Modified built-in constants
Nov 01st, 2008: Corrected typo of sample 31
Oct 30th, 2008: Added a hot topic.
Oct 29th, 2008: Added a new sample 45.
Oct 28th, 2008: Modified the page of 'Shoes.setup'
Oct 27th, 2008: Added a new sample 44.
Oct 26th, 2008: Modified sample 8, changed the path of image.
Oct 24th, 2008: Revised tools and modified .mdown files for the easy eBook maker.
Oct 23th, 2008: Added a new sample 43.

To do list:

  • Add some new exercises which were created in the Ruby and Shoes programming course.
  • Improve mkpdf.rb to form more beautifully.
  • Improve the browser feature to resizable.
  • Improve mkbightml.rb for creating PDF file.

Let's enjoy Ruby and Shoes programming!!