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Interactive Theorem Proving for Students

This tool is meant for students to practice writing mathematical proofs. Several background libraries for sets, relations and functions have been implemented such that you can directly start writing a proof.

To get started, you best take a look at the tutorial and the examples directory.

How does it work?

Internally, the mathematical text is transformed into a sequence of first-order formulas. This representation implies certain proof obligations which are checked by Automated Theorem Provers.

The technique is described here.


You can try Elfe online here.

In order to install Elfe locally, you first need to copy Settings-example.hs to Settings.hs and adjust it to your needs (the automated theorem provers need to be installed separately. You may want to use online-atps for a quick start).

Then run cabal install to install all dependencies. The command line interface of Elfe is then located in dist/build/elfe/elfe, the executable dist/build/elfe-server/elfe-server starts a server to the web interface.

For development, you may want to run the programs interactively. You can do this easily by executing ./ respectively ./


The command line interface expects a file to check, i.e. you can call

elfe theorem.elfe

to check the file theorem.elfe. In order to use the web interface, simply call elfe-server. The program will tell on which port its running, probably 8000. You can then call it in your web browser with


Get involved

You want to improve Elfe or implement new background libraries? Just create a pull request. If you want to do a larger project with Elfe, e.g., work on it with your thesis, you best get in touch with us at


Interactive Theorem Proving for students



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