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Skycons is a set of ten animated weather glyphs, procedurally generated by JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas tag. They're easy to use, and pretty lightweight, so they shouldn't rain on your parade:

<canvas id="icon1" width="128" height="128"></canvas>
<canvas id="icon2" width="128" height="128"></canvas>


  // by default, icons are black but you can color them
  var skycons = new Skycons({"color": "pink"});
  // on Android, a nasty hack is needed: {"resizeClear": true}

  // If you want to add more colors :
  // var skycons = new Skycons({"monochrome": false});
  // you can now customize the color of different parts
  // main, moon, fog, fogbank, cloud, snow, leaf, rain, sun
  // var skycons = new Skycons({
  //  "monochrome": false,
  //  "colors" : {
  //    "cloud" : "#F00"
  //  }
  //  });

  // you can add a canvas by it's ID...
  skycons.add("icon1", Skycons.PARTLY_CLOUDY_DAY);

  // ...or by the canvas DOM element itself.
  skycons.add(document.getElementById("icon2"), Skycons.RAIN);

  // if you're using the Forecast API, you can also supply
  // strings: "partly-cloudy-day" or "rain".

  // start animation!;

  // you can also halt animation with skycons.pause()

  // want to change the icon? no problem:
  skycons.set("icon1", Skycons.PARTLY_CLOUDY_NIGHT);

  // want to remove one altogether? no problem:

Skycons were designed for Forecast by those wacky folks at The Dark Sky Company, and were heavily inspired by Adam Whitcroft's excellent Climacons. The source code has been released into the public domain, so please do with it as you see fit! ♡

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