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A platformer game for observant minimalists. Final project for CISC 226 W19 at Queen's University.

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Glitch is a final project for CISC 226 at Queen's University.

Available for play at:

Game Concept

Glitch is a monochromatic platformer, with a unique mechanic that allows the player to play the game in two different states - glitched and default - at the press of a button.

In Glitch, the objective is for the player to reach the end of each level by making use of the unique “glitching” mechanic implemented in the game. This mechanic will allow the player to switch between the level’s two states and see elements of the level that were not previously visible. The player will have to utilize the glitch mechanic in order to complete various levels. The player will begin the game with a simple tutorial level to get them accustomed to this mechanic. The game will advance and become more difficult as the player progresses through the levels.

The style of the game is minimalistic, isometric, and monochromatic. This means that the style will be a visual representation of three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional world that is mostly black and white, with splashes of colour to bring attention to certain key elements of a level. With geometrically satisfying shapes and sprites, Glitch will be pleasing to the eye. As well, it will give the player the impression that an indie game should: that the game has been developed with care and attention to detail in every aspect.

Novel Mechanic

When a designated key is pressed, a “glitch” animation will take place, inverting the colours, and indicating a switch between the default and glitched states of the level. This will reveal new elements of the level, such as hidden platforms, barriers, or even traps that may result in the player’s death. These elements of the level may exist in both states, or just one of the states, and it is up to the player to discover and use/avoid them accordingly.


The character in the game is a small checkered cube centered in the screen that the player controls using the following keys:

  • W or - Jump
  • A or - Left
  • D or - Right
  • Space - Glitch

Development Tools

The game will be developed using the Unity 2D game engine and the C# programming language. All original assets, including game levels, hazards, characters, any of the visual mechanics and more, will be designed and created using design tools such as Photoshop and Blender. Audio assets will be created using Garageband or Audacity, or similar tools, and may also be drawn from royalty-free sources such as Incompetech or Freesound.

As learning guides and resources for the project, we used various online tutorials and documentation in order to develop a game with clean and efficient code. Some of these resources are, as well as the official Unity API Documentation. We utilized our prior knowledge as well as the resources at our disposal for the development of the project.



A platformer game for observant minimalists. Final project for CISC 226 W19 at Queen's University.






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