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<p:params xmlns:p="">
<!-- this controls whether landfill, landuses and other polygons are shown or not. -->
<!-- If the area of their bounding box is greater than this number times the total -->
<!-- area of the map, then the polygon is shown on the map. -->
<!-- so, the greater this number, the fewer surfaces will be shown -->
<!-- What objects are rendered -->
<p:param type="place" subtype="city"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="motorway"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="motorway_link"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="primary"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="primary_link"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="trunk"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="trunk_link"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="secondary"/>
<p:param type="highway" subtype="tertiary"/>
<p:param type="route" subtype="train"/>
<p:param type="waterway" subtype="riverbank"/>
<p:param type="landuse" subtype="forest"/>
<p:param type="leisure" subtype="park"/>