Suggests what courses to take to fulfill a lib-ed. And by suggest, I mean pick at random based on filtered data.
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This is a thing that suggests what courses to take to fulfill a lib-ed requirement at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. And by suggest, I mean picks at random based on filtered data.

Who made this?

I made this. I'm Max Fierke. I do lots of web things. I also do some other stuff. I'm on Twitter and GitHub and stuff. I like seeing how long it takes me to make single-use apps. See DoWeJustLeaveTheseHere and SandwichRoulette

Who provides the data?

The data is provided by the University of Minnesota's Academic Support Resources and is provided through an API made by Ian Whitney, who has been very nice and helpful in implementing things I want.

Is this like a real thing?

Despite the fact that I am an employee of the University of Minnesota (student worker, but still), I am also a student, and I made this in my free time. This is in no way supported or owned by the University of Minnesota. Do not contact them about this. I'm just using the data that they are graciously providing.


MIT License. See LICENSE