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An Android app that generates a random sandwich.
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About SandwichRoulette

About a year ago (May 2011), me and my friend were in a Subway trying to think of what to get when I had an incredible idea for an app: one that randomly chooses a list of ingredients and creates a completely random sandwich for you to eat. It solves the indecisiveness problem and provides a bit of an adventure. So, that week, I sat down and I wrote this app. After I was done, I posted it on Facebook, gave it to friends and forgot about it.

Well, here it is. Almost one year after it's development, here's a public release:

SandwichRoulette is an application designed for the indecisive. Like many 
people, my lunch has been delayed because of my inability to decide on what
to put in my sandwiches. This application, designed for Android-powered 
devices running 2.1 and higher, automates the ingredient choosing process. 
Creations can be saved and later versions will support sharing the 
particularly delicious ones.

Features Include:

  • Saving/Loading of Sandwich Creations
  • Exclusion of certain ingredients
  • Choose to randomize the bread or not

Known Issues:

  • No i18n. English only. I'll translate it into French and German at some point and then Google Translate it into other languages after that.

I haven't tested it on Android 3.0+, so let me know.

This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or greater.

SandwichRoulette is not licensed, endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with SUBWAY Restaurants or Doctor's Associates Inc.

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