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Do We Just Leave These Here?

Dude, what the hell is this?

DWJLTH is a single-purpose web "application" that gives you information on whether or not you're supposed to leave your dishes at the table after you've finished eating at certain restaurants.

How'd you get the idea?

I was eating at SmashBurger with my girlfriend and I couldn't remember if you're supposed to leave your basket at the table or take it somewhere. The answer is 'Yes, you just leave them there'.

Alright, cool. Can I fix an answer or give you an answer for a new restaurant?

Hell yeah. Just open up an issue in the issue tracker, or if you're comfortable with git, add it yourself and submit a pull request.

Schweet. I'm a programmer, can I add some fancy shit to this?

Sure, just Don't Be A Dick. That's actually the name of the license this is under.

Wait, who are you again?

Oh, right. My name is Max Fierke. I do a lot of programming. I like to build web applications. I made this in five or six hours on a Sunday (I know, too long).