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Nightwatch.js custom commands and assertions
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Nightwatch custom commands and assertions

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These are some commands and assertion I use when I'm testing with nightwatch.js and selenium.

How to use these things?

You can install it using npm:

npm install nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions --save-dev

Then, open the nightwatch.json file in your editor (or create it if it doesn't exist) and edit the custom_commands_path and custom_assertions_path keys so they look like this:

	... //your config
	"custom_commands_path" : "node_modules/nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions/js/commands",
	"custom_assertions_path" : "node_modules/nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions/js/assertions",
	... //your config again

Now you should be able to use these commands/assertions when you call nightwatch --test.

Alternative ways of installing

  • Go into your tests folder (or where your nightwatch.json is) and do:

    git clone
  • Download the zipped repository here and extract it wherever you want

You then need to open your nightwatch.json and edit custom_commands_path and custom_assertions_path according to where you cloned or extracted the repository.



List of commands

See the docs folder

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