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A port of Arduino-LMIC to the Omega2. Will support native SPI and SPI bridges.
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Omega2 LMIC


A port of Arduino-LMIC to the Omega2. Will support native SPI and SPI bridges.



See the schematics folder for PDFs and Fritzing images.



  • connect SC18IS602B via I2C to Omega
    • all address pins to GND
    • attach bridge's SPI bus to the radio's SPI bus (MISO, MOSI, SCLK, CS)
    • use GPIO0 of the bridge for chip select
  • attach DIO0 and DIO1 to GPIO 0 and 1 of the Omega2 (rest of DIOs not needed)
  • power everything (3.3V, GND), add decloupling capacitor for radio

Refer to the datasheets:


  • a port of LMIC for the Omega2
    • supports SX1272 and SX1276 type radios (change the config.h in LMIC and recompile!)
    • communication to radio via native SPI interface or an I²C to SPI bridge (NXP SC18IS602B)
  • includes the lorawan_send commandline tool
    • send abitratry payload given the necessary ABP or OTAA keys
    • payload formats: hex or ascii
    • confirmed uplinks
    • up/down counters
    • spreading factors SF7-SF12
    • etc
Usage: ./lorawan_send --payload PAYLOAD --method METHOD [--dev-adr DEV-ADR] [--nws-key NWS-KEY] 
                     [--apps-key APPS-KEY] [--format FORMAT] [--up-counter UP-COUNTER] [--down-counter DOWN-COUNTER] 
                     [--dev-eui DEV-EUI] [--app-eui APP-EUI] [--app-key APP-KEY] [--spreading-factor SPREADING-FACTOR] 
                     [--fport FPORT] [--confirmed] [--infinite-loop]

In Action

root@Omega-C465:~# ./lorawan_send  --payload "Hello LoRa!" --dev-adr "26011A84" --nws-key "removed" --apps-key "removed" -f "ascii"
Payload: "Hello LoRa!"
payload decoded:
  0000  48 65 6c 6c 6f 20 4c 6f 52 61 21                 Hello LoRa!
DEV ADDR: "26011A84"
NWS KEY: "removed"
APS KEY: "removed"
Packet queued.
83288589: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)
[+] TX + RX done, exiting

Inside TTN console:





You want to try this out? You need:

  • a SX1276-like radio (e.g. HopeRF RFM95W)
  • NXP SC18IS602B I²C to SPI bridge
  • wires
  • a TTN account

In the TTN console, create a new application and a new device. Set the device to use ABP, 16-bit framecounter and disable frame counter checks.

The displayed keys in the console (device address, network session key, application session key) can then be used in the console applications.

You need the dependencies installed on your Omega2:

opkg update
opkg install libonioni2c 
opkg install libonionspi

Wireup the module.

Transfer the binary executable lorawan_send to your Omeag2 and execute it with the needed parameters.


Addressed ToDos are crossed out.

  • adjustable spreading factor (SF) and coding rate (CR)
  • make radio type selectable (currently SX1276 type) [recompile if necessary, this is compile time static)
  • selectable frequency plan (currently hardcoded on EU868), make US frequencies selectable [use US910 binary or recompile with CFG_us915 enabled]
  • make LoRa reception work (timing issues right now?)
  • make example with sensors (temp sensor, display, whatever)
  • better I2C to SPI bridge driver
    • depends on
    • would fail after 64 bytes of SPI payload, can go up to 200 byte
    • still would have to restructure the code (go back to manually controlled CS again?) to get to the ~256 byte limit of LoRaWAN packets (max payload size on SF7)
  • make native SPI work
    • broken SPI on 0b188? Can't read any data through API although the peripheral transmits the bytes correctly


The Makefile is referencing "omega_libs" which include common header and library files for the ease of development. The repository can be found here:


The original code from LMIC see the License section at The command line tool code is also derived from the ABP example code.

Argparse.hpp code is taken from License: BSD 3-clause, Copyright (c) 2017, Hilton Bristow


  • Maximilian Gerhardt (port for LMIC HAL, SC18IS602B bridge library)
  • Matthijs Kooijman (LMIC author)
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