Find who is following who else from a list of Twitter account names
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Who Follows Who?

Find who is following who else from a list of Twitter account names.

Part of a set of Twitter tools, also including [Who Says What?] ( and [Who Said That?] (

Requires [Node] (


(A beginners guide.)

You will need to have [Git] ( and [Node] ( installed, and be comfortable using the terminal.

Firstly, clone this repository:

$ git clone
$ cd who-follows-who

To use the Twitter API, you need credentials, by [creating a new Twitter app] ( The credentials are made up of four parts, the 'consumer key', 'consumer secret', 'access token key', and 'access token secret'. These are stored in a Json configuration file -- an example is included, which we will copy:

$ cp config.example.json config.json

Then open config.json in your text editor and add in the credentials you just created.

Next, we will need to install the dependencies:

$ npm install

We now need to prepare a list of accounts we want to look up. These should be in a CSV file named accounts.csv, with a column header named 'account' (case sensitive). The account names should not include the leading @ symbol.

Finally, we can run it:

$ node who-follows-who

This may take some time, depending on how many accounts are listed, and how many people each of those accounts follow -- the Twitter API limits us to requesting the names 200 people being followed by a user every minute.

Once finished, the results can be found in results.csv.

Importing into Neo4j

A script such as this would import the results produced above into the [Neo4j] ( graph database. Note that the full path to results.csv needs to be filled in before running.


LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file://.../results.csv' AS record
  MERGE (a:User {name: record.account})
  MERGE (b:User {name: record.follows})
  CREATE (a)-[:FOLLOWS]->(b)