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from pathlib import Path
import re
import shutil
from subprocess import run, Popen
import webbrowser
from fire import Fire
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader
import mistune
from pygments import highlight
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name
from pygments.formatters.html import HtmlFormatter
from nbconvert import MarkdownExporter
import nbformat
JIN = Environment(
BLOG = Path('blog')
PAGES = Path('pages')
OUT = Path('output')
class HighlightRenderer(mistune.Renderer):
def block_code(self, code, lang):
if not lang:
return f'\n<pre><code>{mistune.escape(code)}</code></pre>\n'
lexer = get_lexer_by_name(lang, stripall=True)
formatter = HtmlFormatter()
return highlight(code, lexer, formatter)
markdown = mistune.Markdown(renderer=HighlightRenderer())
def extract_metadata(md):
dash_splits = md.split('---', maxsplit=2)
meta = dash_splits[1]
meta = meta.split('\n')[1:-1]
meta = [m.split(': ', 1) for m in meta]
meta = {k.strip(): v.strip() for k, v in meta}
body = dash_splits[2].strip()
return meta, body
def extract_notebook_metadata(notebook):
'''Extract metadata from the first Jupyter Notebook cell'''
metadata = notebook['cells'].pop(0)
metadata = metadata['source'].split('\n')[1:-1]
metadata = [m.split(':') for m in metadata]
return {m[0]:m[1].strip() for m in metadata}
def convert_notebook(path):
'''Convert a Jupyter Notebook into Markdown and a Container'''
with open(path, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as f:
notebook = nbformat.reads(, as_version=4)
container = extract_notebook_metadata(notebook)
md, resources = MarkdownExporter().from_notebook_node(notebook)
for fn, bytes in resources['outputs'].items():
with open(f"{BLOG}/images/{container['slug']}-{fn}", 'wb') as f:
body = md.replace('![png](', f"![png](images/{container['slug']}-")
return container, body
def fix_notebook_html(html):
# add break line after code
html = re.sub('\n</pre></div>','\n</pre></div>\n<br/>\n', html)
# fix code outputs
html = re.sub('\n\n\n</code></pre>','</code></pre>\n<br/>', html)
# remove table style
html = re.sub(r'\n<style scoped>.*?</style>', '', html, 0, flags=re.DOTALL)
# remove table border
html = re.sub('<table border="1" class="dataframe">', '<table class="table table-hover table-striped table-sm">', html)
# remove silly right align
html = re.sub('<tr style="text-align: right;">', '<tr>', html)
# add break line after table
html = re.sub('\n</table>\n</div>', '\n</table>\n</div>\n<br/>\n', html)
# add table responsive
html = re.sub('\n<div>\n<table', '\n<div class="table-responsive">\n<table', html)
# add images responsive
html = re.sub('(?<=\w\")(.*)(?=alt)', ' class="img-fluid mx-auto d-block" ', html)
return html
def build_blog_posts():
'''Build and render all the blog posts'''
template = JIN.get_template('blog_post.html')
posts = []
for blog_post in BLOG.iterdir():
with open(blog_post, 'r') as f:
md =
container, body = extract_metadata(md)
html = markdown(body)
container, body = convert_notebook(blog_post)
html = markdown(body)
html = fix_notebook_html(html)
container['content'] = template.render(html=html)
return posts
def build_blog_index(posts):
'''Build the index for all the blog posts'''
template = JIN.get_template('blog_index.html')
html = template.render(posts=posts)
container = {'slug': 'blog', 'content': html}
return [container]
def build_pages():
'''Build and render all the additional pages'''
template = JIN.get_template('page.html')
pages = []
for p in PAGES.glob('*.md'):
with open(p, 'r') as f:
md =
html = template.render(html=markdown(md))
container = {'slug':'.md', ''), 'content': html}
return pages
def build():
'''Actually build the entire blog'''
except FileNotFoundError:
OUT.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
posts = build_blog_posts()
blog_index = build_blog_index(posts)
pages = build_pages()
everything = posts + blog_index + pages
for page in everything:
file = OUT / f"{page['slug']}.html"
with'w', encoding='utf-8') as f:
shutil.copyfile('CNAME', OUT / 'CNAME')
shutil.copyfile('favicon.ico', OUT / 'favicon.ico')
shutil.copytree(BLOG / 'images', OUT / 'images')
shutil.copytree('static', OUT / 'static')
def preview():
'''Preview static website'''
JIN.globals['DEVELOPMENT'] = True
Popen('cd output; python -m http.server', shell=True)'localhost:8000/blog.html')
def publish():
'''Push static website to GitHub Pages'''
run(f'git add {str(OUT)} {str(BLOG)}', shell=True)
run('git commit -m "new blog post"', shell=True)
run('git push', shell=True)
run('git push origin `git subtree split --prefix output master`:gh-pages --force', shell=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
'preview': preview,
'publish': publish,
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