Configuration for Arch Linux, i3, kitty, nvim, zsh, tmux and more + installation guide
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Some of the worthy tools that I use:

Fun things you can find in this repo:

☑ A common color scheme for nvim, terminal and i3 itself.

It is called Gruvbox dark.

☑ Unobtrusive and minimalistic design of i3, py3status and terminal.

Display only actionable items, use color to highlight importance, slightly dim inactive windows.

☑ True Color support everywhere.

Including kitty, neovim, tmux; ranger can even display picture previews.

☑ Almost instant terminal startup.

And yet it is empowered with tmux, antigen, prezto and other plugins.

☑ Automatically start tmux in every terminal window:

  • On local host, every terminal starts in its own tmux session.

    This allows running multiple independent tmux windows in every terminal window.

  • On remote host, every connection joins the same single tmux session

    This makes it easy to reconnect after a network failure, your work stays as you left it.

  • Speed-up terminal startup by ensuring that there always is an alive tmux session.

    It takes tmux much longer to start the first session than to start every consequent one.

☑ More secure gpg and ssh configuration.

Stronger algorithms, more sensible defaults.

☑ gpg-agent configured to act as ssh-agent.

Extremely nicely integrated with YubiKey, with forwarding to selected remote hosts.

☑ i3 automatically renames workspaces to show currently opened apps.

Using iconic font to fit a lot of info even on laptop screens.

☑ Automatically renumber tmux sessions.

Helps when terminals are being opened & closed a lot during the day.

☑ Automatically change terminal's background color based on the ssh host.

Terminal turns red when you are on production, yellow on staging, etc.

☑ Remember brightness levels on battery and on AC, restore last value when power source changes.

Useful for automatically dimming screen when switching to battery power.

☑ Automatically connect to VPN on selected networks.

Comes bundled with a script to prevent DNS leaks on NetworkManager.

☑ Lazy sourcing scripts to speedup terminal startup.

This is useful for rvm, source it the first time you use rvm command.

☑ Automatically backup the list of installed packages (pacman and AUR).

These files are used to bootstrap the new system, all apps are installed in one command.

☑ Setup script that configures user and system dotfiles, systemd services and other little things.

This script is safe to re-run at any time.

☑ Compete and very detailed installation instructions for Arch Linux.

Step-by-step description of how I install Arch Linux from scratch.


$ git clone ~/.dotfiles
$ ~/.dotfiles/setup

Awesome AUR packages that I help maintaining: