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Caching library for PHP 5.3+
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Caching framework for PHP 5.3+

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  • Easy retreival and storing of key, value pairs using the many available methods
  • Cache function calls
  • Available object wrapper to cache calls to methods
  • Pipelines ala Predis (see below)
  • Namespaces
  • TTL variations to avoid all caches to expire at the same time
  • Multiple backends support (apc, file, memcache(d), memory, redis, session)
  • Monolog support
  • Very well documented

CacheCache features are exposed through a Cache object which itself uses backends to store the data. Multiple instances of Cache objects can be managed using the CacheManager.

Full documentation at


$cache = new CacheCache\Cache(new CacheCache\Backends\Memory());

if (($foo = $cache->get('foo')) === null) {
    $foo = 'bar';
    $cache->set('foo', $foo);

if (!$cache->start('foo')) {
    echo "bar\n";

$cache->call('sleep', array(2));
$cache->call('sleep', array(2)); // won't sleep!

$r = $cache->pipeline(function($pipe) {
    $pipe->set('foo', 'bar');
    $pipe->set('bar', 'foo');
    $pipe->set('foo', 'foobar');

More examples in examples/

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